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  1. My name is Darren I have type 1 diabetes for around 5 years at first I thought I was in control but as time has gone on I have found I wasn’t in control as I thought thinking I could eat whatever as long as I controlled it but I was truly wrong. At the moment in time my control has got a little better but I am not putting on any weight at all and still dip into bits I shouldnt be eating or drinking i have found that in myself I feel fine but on the outside it’s not how I should look I am in need of some help and guidance to where I am going wrong and put me in the right direction to help me control this and not let it control me as it is controlling me at the moment and putting myself in harms way and for the future of having problems if I can’t control what should of been controlled from the beginning

    • Dear Darren, apologies for the delay in responding. As a type 1 myself, for about 20 year, I know the difficulties. Putting on weight as a type 1 diabetic is never recommended so please do not worry. The advice is to ear right and exercise. It’s very vague but try to follow that and you’ll be fine.

      For further question please don’t hesitate to use

      Thanks and wishing you all the best,
      Diabetes UK Brighton Group

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