This is to introduce the following elected Committee members

Kathy Doughty – Chair
Ian Scott – Secretary and Treasurer
Heather Young
Tony Young
John Impett
Jim Mann
Andy Voakes
Stan Pierce
Steve Morris
Casey Zils
Alex Hawkey (Advisor)

Kathy Doughty

I’ve lived with Type 2 for over 10 years & gone from not knowing much to knowing a lot about how it affects me. I found that my GP didn’t know much (although told me he was the specialist in the practice), so I had to find out for myself, after all, it’s me who lives with it & will have to live with any complications.

Diabetes care has come a long way in 10 years but still there are areas of poor practice which I want to improve.

I found the group a source of support when I needed it, & I hope you will too.

Ian Scott

When I was diagnosed with Type 2  in 2006 I joined Diabetes UK immediately. I didn’t know that there was a Brighton Group until I received a mailing via DUK inviting me to the Annual Meeting of this Group.

At the 2nd Annual Meeting, Alex Hawkey, a very young Type 1, sat next to me and was amazed at the lack of activity. To cut a long story short, Alex and I attended a Volunteer Group Meeting at Lyndhurst in the New Forest. The SE Regional officer suggested to us that the Brighton Group should be re-launched and Alex and I agreed to become the first  Chairman and Secretary. At the relaunch meeting over 80 people attended and the nucleus of a committee was formed. Amazingly several of that first committee remain active after 8 years.  We now have a very strong group which is often lauded by DUK as one of the best in the Country.

Heather Young





I have had Type 1 diabetes for many years and have been lucky enough to have had two islet cell transplants (insulin producing cells), which has almost eliminated my hypoglycaemia. This was a result of attending Group meetings. Like my husband I have been a Committee Member since the relaunch of the Group in 2007.

Tony Young

My involvement with the Brighton Diabetes Voluntary Group started in 2005 & 2006 when as Chairman of a Finance Association I nominated them to receive some funds we had raised. I subsequently joined the Committee of this Group on its re-launch in 2007 and have helped ever since in a general capacity. Recently I have given talks on Diabetes to and raised funds from various Business Groups in Brighton and the surrounding area. Whilst I do not have Diabetes, my wife Heather (also on the committee) has been a ”Type 1” for many years.


John Impett

Casey Zils

Alex Hawkey (Adviser)

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